Microwave Heating Equipment

1. High productivity

The biggest characteristic of microwave heating oven is that Microwaves aregenerated from inside the heated material, that is the heat comes from inside the object. Simultaneous heating inside and outside could greatly shorten the heating time.

2. Low failure rate

Because of the high stability of our microwave heating equipment, the final product always meets theanticipated demand.

Leader Microwave Equipment Company has studied and produced pickles microwave sterilization equipment after repeated experimental tests. Can be used for bag pickles, radishes, pig feet, chicken feet, silkworm pupae, pig skin and other products sterilization.
The use of microwave sterilization equipment bacon sterilization, not only will completely eliminate all kinds of bacteria, but also the production of bacon is very delicious and nutritious. But uses the bacon microwave sterilization equipment to sterilize.

Our professional design team considers many factors such as energy costs, heating efficiency and more. Therefore, our machines use microwave heating for rapid sterilization, which can save a lot of energy. The microwave acts directly on the material, and the temperature is simultaneously raised inside and outside, so the heating efficiency is higher. read more