Instant Noodles Microwave Sterilization Equipment

With the quickening pace of life and travel needs, instant noodles have become one of the indispensable simple foods in modern life. Instant noodles are a kind of ready-to-eat convenience food. Nowadays, various brands of instant noodles fill the shelves of major shopping malls, from large retail supermarkets to small door shops on the street. Instant Noodles The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce and dehydrated vegetable leaves, all of which are necessary to replenish human nutrition. With the acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of living standards, consumers not only consider the fast … Read more

Microwave Drying Sterilization Equipment for Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom is a famous edible mushroom in our country, known as the “queen of mushroom”, known as the “mountain treasure” in the folk, loved by people, is a rare ideal food. Shiitake mushroom is not only an ideal delicacy, but also more and more people pay attention to its medicinal function. The research results of modern medicine and pharmacy show that shiitake mushroom has many important medical functions. Dried mushrooms Dried shiitake mushroom is a traditional processed product. Compared with fresh shiitake mushroom, dried shiitake mushroom is not only convenient to store and transport, but also will not reduce the nutritional … Read more

Pickles Microwave Sterilization Equipment

With the arrival of summer, the temperature continues to rise, pickles, brined vegetables if not thoroughly sterilization treatment, it is easy to go moldy and metamorphous, pickles sterilization is a problem that many manufacturers meet present. Many manufacturers use pasteurization machines, but this method has many disadvantages, the sterilization effect is not good. How to solve this problem? Spicy radish strip Leader Microwave Equipment Company has studied and produced pickles microwave sterilization equipment after repeated experimental tests. It can be used for bag pickles, radishes, pig feet, chicken feet, silkworm pupae, pigskin, and other product sterilization. Microwave sterilization equipment can … Read more

Microwave Sterilization Equipment For Preserved meat

Many people are fond of meat, which can be said to be without meat will not happy. Among all meat products, cured meat can be said to be unique, which often makes people drool. Of course, bacon is very delicious, regular consumption can improve anemia, protect eyesight, and strengthen bones. However, after exposure to the sun and wind, it will cause bacteria to grow. So how to sterilize bacon? Leader Microwave Equipment company produced bacon microwave sterilization equipment that can help us very well. preserved meat Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for the preserved meat: Short sterilization time, high efficiency … Read more

Fruit Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Although there is a lot of gourmet food now, many people still love to eat fruit. Fruit contains wealthy nutritional elements, often eat fruit can not only beauty but also protect good health, can be said to have a lot of benefits. As people pay more and more attention to hygiene, how can the fruit be sterilized better? The microwave sterilization equipment produced by leader microwave equipment Company can do so. Fruits Advantages of fruit microwave sterilization equipment: 1.Fast speed and a short time The fruit microwave sterilizing machine is sterilized in a microwave heating mode. The sterilization mode is very rapid, … Read more

Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Vegetables

What people have to do every day is to eat, and to eat more vegetables, eating vegetables has a lot of benefits. It will not only make people fat but also conducive to health, so we naturally have vegetables on the table. Nowadays, people pay great attention to good health, so is there any way to make vegetable cleaner? Leader microwave equipment’s microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables can sterilize vegetables very well. vegetables Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables: 1.Fast sterilization speed Vegetable microwave sterilization machine directly interacts with sterilized vegetables with a high-frequency microwave. The permeability of microwave energy makes … Read more

Pet food processing artifact: Pet Food Microwave Baking Curing Equipment

The fast pace of life has brought us a lot of emotional vacancies. When the mother is away, future lonely star lovers will have to fall in love with their pets. Pets are not nagging or jealous, they depend on and love people, but they must enjoy the highest standard of food feast. Microwave roasting and curing equipment for pet food is a milestone in pet food processing. Microwave technology will bring the most delicious and healthy food to our little ones. The advantages of microwave roasting and curing pet food equipment are as follows: 1. The pet food microwave baking … Read more

Hot Pot Base Material Preservation Equipment:Satisfy your taste buds

Hot pot is a delicious dish for all ages, has a long history. Hot pot is generally Shared by several people and develops the Oriental tradition of sharing to perfection. This hot and intimate dining atmosphere seems to be the biggest charm of the hot pot. The hot pot seasoning is the soul of this delicious dish—microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment for your safe and assured food experience escort. Characteristics and advantages of hot pot seasoning sterilizer: 1. Microwave has a strong penetration, so that have high-frequency friction between the hot pot seasoning molecules. It generates heat from within itself. Heating inside and outside at … Read more

Microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave sterilization is a mechanical technology that mainly used for the drying and sterilization of medicines, nutritional supplements, food products, agricultural products, beef jerky, instant noodles, fast food, rice noodles in powder, granules, flakes and other states, the roasting, puffing, sterilization, peeling of almonds, peanuts, red dates, walnuts, chestnut, and the anti-mildew, sterilization,fresh-preservation of pickles,pot-stewed fowl, all kinds of small meat package and so on. The purpose of sterilization is to eliminate harmful substances, microbial pollution that food contaminated by external world in the process, such as bacterial pollution in water, two of bacteria pollution in the air, two cross-infection … Read more

Grain in hand, healthy body I have

Oats contain linoleic acid, have the effect of the inhibition of cholesterol. A related study in the United States confirmed that eating 60 grams of oats every morning, cholesterol is reduced by 3% on average, every morning to drink a bowl of oatmeal, heart disease mortality can be reduced by 6%. And a variety of enzymes in oats has strong vitality, can effectively delay cell senescence. Not only oats, soybeans, mung beans, corn, and other grains are good for your health, it may be said to keep in good health. The baptism of microwave curing equipment is indispensable before the high-quality omnibus grain on the … Read more