Microwave sterilization of oatmeal

Oat is made into oatmeal through fine processing, making it more convenient to eat, and improving its taste. It has become a popular health food. The dietary fiber has many biological health benefits and also can reduce triglycerides of low-density lipoprotein. Promote cholesterol excretion, prevention, and treatment of diabetes, is conducive to reduce the occurrence of vascular complications of diabetes; It can relieve constipation, which is very helpful for patients with chronic constipation. Oatmeal belongs to the food of low heat, easy to cause satiety after food, long-term edible has effect reducing weight. Besides, oats contain rich vitamin B1, B2, … Read more

Microwave sterilization experiment of soybean flour

The client company was established in 1995. The product series includes soybean protein series, wheat germ protein series, and expensive edible oil series, etc. They plan to purchase a set of microwave sterilization equipment production line of yield 400 kg per hour. It is mainly used to sterilize soybean protein, whole fat soybean meal, low-temperature soybean meal, defatted wheat germ meal, meal, functional protein, and special milk powder. Customers are in urgent need of quality sterilization equipment. There is a box microwave equipment in the customer’s factory, which is old and has low output. With the continuous expansion of the scale, we … Read more