Fruit Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Although there is a lot of gourmet food now, many people still love to eat fruit. Fruit contains wealthy nutritional elements, often eat fruit can not only beauty but also protect good health, can be said to have a lot of benefits. As people pay more and more attention to hygiene, how can the fruit be sterilized better? The microwave sterilization equipment produced by leader microwave equipment Company can do so.


Advantages of fruit microwave sterilization equipment:

1.Fast speed and a short time

The fruit microwave sterilizing machine is sterilized in a microwave heating mode. The sterilization mode is very rapid, so that time can be saved to a maximum extent, and the efficiency is improved.

2. Keep the nutrition and taste of the fruit

The most important thing is freshness, so if the sterilization time is too long, it may affect the taste of the fruit. But the fruit microwave sterilizer can sterilize in the shortest time so that the fruit’s nutrition can be preserved, and the taste of the fruit will not be affected.

3.Extend the shelf life

The unsterilized fruit will be destroyed by all kinds of bacteria, which makes the shelf life very short, but the fruit sterilized by microwave sterilization machines can effectively extend the shelf life and provide more convenience for customers.

4.Favorable to the next step of processing.

The fruit sterilized by the microwave sterilization machine can directly enter the next processing and production without worrying about the health problem. The operation is simple although it is a mechanized operation mode, the microwave sterilizing equipment is very simple to use, and the ordinary workers can easily learn to lower the production cost and improve the production efficiency for the manufacturers.

Fruit microwave sterilization equipment

Model and technical parameters of fruit microwave sterilization equipment:

Model DL-001 DL-002 DL-003
Total power 50KW 80KW 120KW
Processing and customization yes
product name Drying equipment, sterilization equipment
Product use Drying, sterilization, etc.
Scope of application Leisure Food Factory Equipment, Condiment Processing Plant Equipment
Marketing Clearance
volume 11L
temperature 11℃
pressure 11mPa
speed 11r/min
control mode PLC control

Principle of microwave sterilization equipment for fruit:

Microwave sterilization is that microwaves can interact directly with bacteria and other microorganisms in fruit. Thermal effect and non-thermal effect interact with each other to achieve the purpose of rapid heating, and the treatment time is considerably shortened. The practice has proved that microwave device has apparent advantages in sterilization temperature, sterilization time, product quality maintenance, product shelf life, and energy-saving.

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The fruit is what everyone wants to eat, it can be said that the market demand is very significant, so the need for fruit microwave sterilization equipment is also very great. The fruit sterilized by sterilization equipment tastes delicious and has a longer shelf life, so it is loved by everyone.

Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a very productive company. It has fruit microwave sterilization equipment and has frozen pork microwave thawing equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, frozen sea fish microwave thawing equipment, and so on. Because microwave technology has been recognized by more and more people, so this equipment has been sold to many countries and regions, such as Canada, Japan, Brazil, and other countries, in the local harvest a good evaluation

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