Grain in hand, healthy body I have

Oats contain linoleic acid, have the effect of the inhibition of cholesterol. A related study in the United States confirmed that eating 60 grams of oats every morning, cholesterol is reduced by 3% on average, every morning to drink a bowl of oatmeal, heart disease mortality can be reduced by 6%. And a variety of enzymes in oats has strong vitality, can effectively delay cell senescence.

Not only oats, soybeans, mung beans, corn, and other grains are good for your health, it may be said to keep in good health. The baptism of microwave curing equipment is indispensable before the high-quality omnibus grain on the table.

Microwave curing equipment

Microwave curing equipment is good at:

1. The microwave equipment truly realizes the clean and hygienic production. The food in the machine cavity during the processing is more sanitary and safe, avoiding secondary pollution, and improving product quality. It has passed the national food safety certification.

2. Tunnel type industrial microwave oven can cure not only material but also have sterilization function, one machine is multi-purpose. Under the dual effect of the biological effect and non-biological effect of the microwave, the microorganism is effectively inhibited, extending the shelf life of food and improving the economic benefits of manufacturers.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving is another advantage of industrial microwave ovens. It only needs electric energy to support operation, does not need the heat transfer process, and greatly improves energy efficiency. In the production process, the machine will not discharge wastewater, exhaust gas, and other harmful substances, in line with environmental protection requirements.

4. The microwave curing furnace adopts PLC control system, realizes the automation production to the greatest extent, avoids the massive labor consumption, facilitates the enterprise management.

5. The microwave curing machine has high production efficiency and works continuously for 24 hours. The unique internal heating mode of a microwave can ensure the heating uniformity of internal and external materials, and the heating speed is fast, improving the heating efficiency. It is a wise choice for industrial mass production.

6. The advantage of low-temperature curing of microwave curing equipment is that it is heated both inside and outside simultaneously, and the heating speed is fast. It avoids the damage of excessive temperature to the nutrition composition and original form of food, makes the product taste first-class, beautiful appearance, improves the quality of the finished product, helps the manufacturer improve the profit, and forms the brand advantage.

7. Grain microwave curing equipment can be customized according to the output size, site conditions, material characteristics, and other factors to design. There will not be too much power to produce waste or insufficient situation.

Microwave curing equipment

Microwave food curing equipment products are:

Microwave curing equipment Microwave curing equipment Microwave curing equipment Microwave curing equipment Microwave curing equipment
Grains Dried fruit and vegetable Bean products Nuts Pet food

Microwave curing equipment can also be used for the rapid curing of barley, wheat, corn kernels, sorghum rice, brown rice, peanut kernels, almonds, walnut kernels, cashews, sunflower seeds, and other dried fruits.


How the grain microwave curing equipment works:

This leader microwave equipment company equipment mainly uses the function of microwave energy to make the water molecules inside the material vibrate directionally at high frequency, which causes the water molecules to rub against each other to form the heating element and accelerate the maturation of the material.

Microwave curing equipment


How much do you know about traditional food curing equipment?

1. In the traditional oven, the inevitable process of heat transfer is heating up from the outside to the inside, and the material is continuously heated from the outside, which is extremely easy to produce coke and paste, affecting the product quality, producing harmful substances, and damaging the food phase and nutrient composition. And stirring easily leads to the formation of debris, reduce the yield.

2. After long-term use, the oven will accumulate food debris inside, and the hygiene condition is poor, which requires higher cleaning frequency. It cannot effectively sterilize, and additional sterilization equipment will increase the production cost of the manufacturer.

3. The traditional heating furnace needs a lot of manpower input. The workers have higher requirements on operating technology and experience, which is not conducive to control the cost and expand the scale, the difficulty of management will be increased.

4. Continuous heating will result in high temperatures, which will affect the continued use of the machine and the production process. Meanwhile, the operator’s safety is threatened, and it is easy to be scalded, and the working environment is poor.

5. The heat transfer process is carried out from the outside to the inside. The process is long, with high heat consumption, low energy utilization, and a serious waste of resources. The curing process will produce smoke and dust, residue, that is not conducive to environmental protection.

6. Because the maintenance and cleaning work of traditional curing equipment is not in place, the service life may be shortened, the equipment needs to be updated, or the maintenance cost is high.

Microwave curing equipment

From the beginning of birth, microwave technology shows excellent strength. With the continuous efforts of science researchers and the increasing research input, a lot of food processing plants are now enjoying the great convenience brought about by the microwave equipment, such as fast drying of microwave drying equipment and high-quality expansion of microwave bulking machine, etc. Microwave technology and equipment will usher in a more bright future.