Hot Pot Base Material Preservation Equipment:Satisfy your taste buds

Hot pot is a delicious dish for all ages, has long history.Hotpot is generally Shared by several people, and develops the Oriental tradition of sharing to the perfection. This hot and intimate dining atmosphere seems to be the biggest charm of hot pot..

The hotpot seasoning is the soul of this delicious dish.Microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment for your safe and assured food experience escort.

microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment

Characteristics and advantages of hot pot seasoning sterilizer:

1.Microwave has a strong penetration, so that have high-frequency friction between the hot pot seasoning molecules.It generates heat from within itself.Heating inside and outside at the same time, evenly and thoroughly.It can improve the efficiency of sterilization.

Microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment can finish sterilization in 3-5 minutes.

2.Microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment uses both thermal effect and non-thermal effect. It has good bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect.Effectively extend the shelf life of hot pot seasoning.

The characteristics of rapid sterilization of microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment determine that it does not need high temperature.Low temperature sterilization can maintain the flavor of condiments and improve the quality.Practice shows that microwave sterilization temperature at 75-80 can achieve the desired effect.

3.Microwave seasoning sterilization equipment saves energy.The conversion rate from electrical energy to microwave energy is 70%-80%.It also avoids the additional loss of heat in the heat transfer process,high utilization of energy.Generally the electricity saving is about 30-50%.

4.Microwave food sterilization processor is easy to control.The equipment is ready to use, no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation, microwave power, transmission speed and other parameters can be adjusted at any time.The operation of the whole microwave equipment only needs 2-3 persons.

5.Microwave sterilization equipment has simple structures, and occupies a small area.There are no boilers, no pipes, no coal yards or other things, just needs water and electricity.

6.Microwave sterilization equipment for hot pot seasoning can improve working conditions.

The working temperature of the equipment is low and the noise is small, which greatly improves the working conditions

microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment

The working principle of microwave sterilization machine for hot pot seasoning:

1.thermal effect

In high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the high-speed movement of dipole molecules in a substance causes the molecules to rub against each other, which leads to a rapid rise in temperature and the death of microorganisms.

2.Non-thermal effect

The oscillations of microwave affect some functions of bacterial cells and organs.

Microwave irradiation leads to the uneven heating of material in bacterial cell nucleus, which affects cell gene and reproduction.

When the cell is irradiated by microwave, the molecular structure or local structure has changed,the enzyme activity is destroyed,it affects the biochemical reactions of cells, the growth and development of microorganisms and their metabolism.

In short, microwave sterilization preservation is based on thermal effect, non-thermal effect as a supplement, a variety of effects together.

microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment

Application range of microwave sterilizer:

Microwave sterilization equipment is also widely used in the air-dried beef, pork, preserved fish, fontanelle meat, chicken and duck meat and other packaging products of thermal, drying and sterilization treatment.

After being processed by the microwave sterilization equipment for meat products, the freshness, tenderness and taste of meat products are stable, and the food hygiene meets the national food safety standard. The shelf storage time reaches 1-2 months.

microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment

Disadvantages of traditional sterilization machine:

1.The traditional pasteurization process heats up by heat transfer,heat is transferred from the outside of the material to the inside layer by layer,By the external part of the continuous heat, form temperature gradient from the outside to the inside,and the sterilization is not uniform.

Considering that the flavor of the hotpot base, the composition changes under high temperature.It will shorten the sterilization time relatively.This caused bactericidal not complete consequence, shortened expiration date, still endanger human body health possibly.

2.Simple high-temperature sterilization may not only lead to incomplete sterilization, microbial residues, and shorter time of bacteriostasis, but once it leaves the high-temperature environment, the temperature will decrease, and the bacteria will come back.

3.The constant high temperature will destroy the original ingredients of the hotpot seasoning,it may cause part of the nutrient loss, produce harmful substances.On the other hand, the taste of spices can not be well maintained, which is not conducive to improving quality and expanding sales.

4.The continuous high temperature increases the temperature of the machine, which can easily lead to overheating protection and stop operation, affecting the production increase.

In addition, the working environment of workers always maintains high temperature, which is harmful to health and easy to burn.

5.High temperature waste heat phenomenon makes the machine temperature can not be adjusted in real time, inconvenient to control.

6.Low energy efficiency.The process of heat transfer from outside to inside causes a lot of heat waste, which is against the principle of sustainable development.

7.The traditional sterilization technology needs more manpower, and the labor quantity is larger, the manpower cost is higher.

8.Due to low efficiency, large-scale sterilization requires larger plant area, equipment, manpower and other inputs, resource waste, extensive production.

Microwave fresh-keeping technology has a wide range of applications and is only a part of them in cooked food processing.As we leader microwave equipment company continue to study the properties of microwaves, more and more new devices and devices are being developed and designed.For example, microwave hot pot seasoning preservation equipment, microwave puffing equipment and so on.The future development of industrial microwave technology is closely related to our cognition of it and the market demand,among them, it is particularly important to constantly improve the production technology of microwave machinery and equipment.