Instant Noodles Microwave Sterilization Equipment

With the quickening pace of life and travel needs, instant noodles have become one of the indispensable simple foods in modern life. Instant noodles are a kind of ready-to-eat convenience food. Nowadays, various brands of instant noodles fill the shelves of major shopping malls, from large retail supermarkets to small door shops on the street.

Instant Noodles

The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce and dehydrated vegetable leaves, all of which are necessary to replenish human nutrition. With the acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of living standards, consumers not only consider the fast food, but also pay more attention to the health, green, fashion and other factors of food. Therefore, in the process of processing, the sterilization of instant noodles is very worthy of attention, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s instant noodle microwave sterilization equipment has excellent sterilization effect, can meet the needs of people.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for instant noodles

  1. High efficiency, fast sterilization

Instant noodles microwave sterilization machine itself will not heat up, but microwave energy will penetrate the material, resulting in the material of polar molecules mutual friction and generate heat, so no energy loss, sterilization speed, high efficiency.

  1. Obvious swelling effect

The rapid heating effect of instant noodles microwave sterilization equipment makes the water molecules in instant noodles evaporate quickly, thus achieving the purpose of expansion.

  1. Low temperature sterilization, less nutrient loss

Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual action of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect. Compared with traditional temperature sterilization, microwave sterilization equipment can achieve satisfactory sterilization effect at a lower temperature and in a shorter time.

  1. Easy to use and operate

Microwave power and conveyor speed can be infinitely adjustable, no thermal inertia, the instant noodle microwave sterilizer can be opened and stopped at any time, easy to control, easy to operate.

  1. Advanced configuration, exquisite workmanship

Equipped with an independent electrical control cabinet, the equipment can work continuously for 24 hours, the instant noodle microwave sterilization machine is completely made of industrial grade 304 stainless steel, equipped with a temperature control device, to ensure that the temperature of the material is adjustable and controllable.

Instant noodles microwave sterilization equipment

Principle of microwave sterilization equipment for instant noodles

The non-thermal effect of microwave plays a special role in sterilization, which is more than the conventional physical sterilization, and is an important cause of bacterial death. Microwave sterilization and preservation are the results of microwave thermal and non-thermal effects. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid heating sterilization. However, non-thermal effect causes variation of proteins and physiological active substances in microorganisms, resulting in loss of cell vitality and death, thus achieving sterilization effect.

With the acceleration of the process of globalization and the improvement of the pace of life, instant noodles, which can not only satisfy hunger quickly, but also contain rich nutrition, are becoming more and more popular among people. Therefore, we should attach great importance to its quality. Instant noodles microwave sterilization equipment and other microwave equipment such as frozen meat microwave defrosting equipment, grain microwave drying equipment and other machines have unique advantages, is the best seller in today’s society, microwave equipment, worth having!