Microwave Drying Sterilization Equipment for Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom is a famous edible mushroom in our country, known as the “queen of mushroom”, known as the “mountain treasure” in the folk, loved by people, is a rare ideal food. Shiitake mushroom is not only an ideal delicacy, but also more and more people pay attention to its medicinal function. The research results of modern medicine and pharmacy show that shiitake mushroom has many important medical functions.

Dried mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushroom is a traditional processed product. Compared with fresh shiitake mushroom, dried shiitake mushroom is not only convenient to store and transport, but also will not reduce the nutritional value. Dried mushrooms are more nutritious than fresh mushrooms to some extent, and they also produce a lot of aromatic substances in the drying process, making them especially good for stewing meat. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s mushroom microwave drying sterilization equipment can complete the drying of mushroom very well.

Advantages of microwave drying sterilization equipment for shiitake mushrooms

  1. Save time and speed.
  2. Energy saving and uniform processing.
  3. The dryeris easy to control and labor-saving.
  4. Maintain nutrition and traditional flavor, low temperature sterilization.
  5. Improve working conditions and save coverage.
  6. Mushroom microwave dryerwith drying, heating, sterilization, dehydration and other functions.
    PLC automatic or button control system, support data saving, output, printing.
    8. Microwave power stepless adjustable, temperature and humidity chain intelligent control, speed can be adjusted.
    9. The size of mushroom microwave drying machine can be adjusted according to the user’s workshop area.
    10. Mushroom microwave drying equipment can achieve rapid continuous production, uniform drying, complete sterilization.
    11. Perfect mechanical and electrical integration design, real-time monitoring of multiple sensors, safe and reliable.
    12. Lentinus edodes microwave drying sterilizer adopts food grade material, which can monitor, quantify and control production.

Microwave drying sterilization equipment for shiitake mushrooms

In this era of rapid development, microwave technology has gradually infiltrated into many industries, such as mushroom microwave drying sterilization equipment, seafood microwave thawing equipment, a series of microwave sterilization equipment, extraction equipment, etc, have been widely used. Because they have a unique advantage to attract many customers, win the love and trust of customers, become a best seller.

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for lentinus edodes

Model DL-580 Drying temperature 0~100℃(Adjustable)
Total power 120KVA Speed of conveyor belt 0~5m/min (Adjustable)
Microwave power 60KW (Adjustable) Equipment capacity Dewatering 80~90 kg/h
Hot wind power 30KW (Adjustable) Dimension(Length x width x height) 22800×1510×1750mm

Principle of microwave drying equipment for lentinus edodes

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHZ. The substances in the heated medium in water molecules are polar molecules. Under high frequency magnetic field changes rapidly, its polarity orientation changes with the change of the external electric field, produce molecular motion and the influence of friction between the microwave field in the field can be converted into the heat inside the medium, the temperature of the material increases, heating and expanded, and a series of physical and chemical processes, so as to achieve the goal of microwave heating and drying.

China is the world’s first country to cultivate shiitake mushroom, people have long recognized the edible and medicinal value of shiitake mushroom. With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the international and domestic market of shiitake mushroom will expand day by day, and the demand for shiitake mushroom and its processed products will increase rapidly. The prospect of lentinus edodes products is attractive. The development of mushroom microwave drying equipment is also unstoppable!