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Microwave heating technology has the characteristics of fast heating speed, small heat loss, and smooth operation, and so on. It can shorten the processing time, improve productivity, reduce cost, and improve product quality.

The leader microwave equipment company is a qualified microwave equipment
manufacturer. We always give priority to the development of excellent microwave heaters. With years of experience, We have established a professional team and trained first-rate talents. Now our products have been installed in more than 20 countries and are highly recognized.

Our company can produce industrial microwave ovens of various designs and specifications. For different specifications, We have the following types.

12KW Microwave heating equipment
30KW Microwave heating equipment
75KW Microwave heating equipment
 Customized microwave heating equipment

  Technical parameters of the above models

Model DL-12 KW DL-30KW DL-75KW
Microwave frequency 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz
Output power 12 KW 30 KW 75 KW
transfer speed(adjustable) 0-5m / minute 0-5m / minute 0-5m / minute
Leakage value ≤3mw/steres ≤3mw/steres ≤3mw/steres
Size(mm) 7000x840x1800 10500x840x1800 13500x1200x1800
heating efficiency 120-150kg/h 300-400kg/h 500-600kg /h

We will tailor the most reasonable plan for you according to your available space and other specific conditions.

  The main characteristics and advantages of microwave heating equipment

1. High productivity

The most significant characteristic of a microwave heating oven is that Microwaves are generated from inside the heated material. That is, the heat comes from inside the object. Simultaneous heating inside and outside could greatly shorten the heating time.

According to literature reports, Microwave heating is 10 ~ 20 times faster than oven heating. Moreover, the microwave heating equipment occupies only 20%~30% of traditional heating equipment, so the investment return is satisfactory.

2. Low failure rate

Because of the high stability of our microwave heating equipment, the final product always meets the anticipated demand. The cost of daily maintenance is much lower than traditional heating equipment. Besides, the long service life of our Leader machinery can also reduce the cost of equipment renewal.

3. Low-energy

We are committed to making full use of energy to reduce the cost of investment.

The heat of microwave is directly generated in the material, with less heat loss and thermal efficiency up to 80%. A comparative study shows that the electricity consumption for heating material is 100 kW while heating it with microwaves is only 20 kW.

Also, microwave heating equipment has almost no environmental and noise pollution, processing workshops without a sense of heat and steam diffuse. All of this could greatly improve the working environment.

4. Easy operating

The whole production line has a high degree of automation, safe operation, and continuous operation. You can observe the whole process of heating through PLC programmatically controlled and monitor, as well as adjust the temperature between 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃. It is advantageous for enterprise management.

  Microwave heating technology:

Microwave heating is a method of internal heat.

The material is located in the microwave high-frequency electric field with a brief oscillation period. The molecules inside it rotate with the interaction change of the direction of the high-frequency alternating electric field, resulting in violent collision and friction (up to hundreds of millions of times per second), shown in the form of heat, thus heating the material.

After the microwave enters the material and is absorbed, its energy in the material dielectric internal conversion into heat energy. The same principle applies to microwave vulcanizing equipment.

Leader Microwave Equipment has rich experience designing and manufacturing microwave heating equipment with advanced technology and exquisite technology.

It’s known that the Microwave Equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment is the most cost-effective choice.

How to choose microwave heating equipment?

What are the most important parameters for selecting a cost-effective microwave heating device? Here are some tips to help you

1. Stability of the control system

Through the heating process, we can find that all the systems involved are closely connected to each other and operate automatically. Therefore, a stable and durable control system is required to ensure that each program is accurate and executed simultaneously. Leader Microwave Equipment uses a PLC control system to greatly improve work efficiency and stability.

2. Product percent of pass

It directly reflects the productivity and output of microwave equipment and the working state of microwave heating equipment. If something goes wrong with the equipment, a poor quality product will be produced. On the contrary, reliable Leader microwave heating equipment can produce more qualified products

3. Circuit

Like all electronic products, the circuit directly determines the stability of microwave heating equipment. In other words, the right circuitry could make the production line simpler and better look. Therefore, our technical team tried to simplify the appliances involved to reduce the failure rate.

4. Security, maintainability, and operability

Safety is the most important thing. Therefore, workers must be trained to use industrial microwave heating equipment by operational rules. Then, our company provides the specialized training of multifunctional microwave heating equipment for the customer.

Except for the high-quality machines, our Leader Microwave Equipment will wholeheartedly provide you with perfect service for free;

Firstly, you can contact us freely before buying if you want to know something about Microwave heating or Microwave puffing Equipment and other Equipment information.

Secondly, our experienced engineer will help you install the machine, making it start production as soon as possible.

Finally, any questions that arise during use, you can feel free to contact us. We are always looking forward to your message.