Microwave Sterilization Equipment For Preserved meat

Many people are fond of meat, which can be said to be without meat will not happy. Among all meat products, cured meat can be said to be unique, which often makes people drool. Of course, bacon is very delicious, and eating it regularly can improve anemia, protect eyesight, and strengthen bones. However, after exposure to the sun and wind, it will cause bacteria to grow. So how to sterilize bacon? Leader Microwave Equipment company produced bacon microwave sterilization equipment can help us very well.

preserved meat

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for the preserved meat

  1. Short sterilization time, high efficiency

Microwave sterilization refers to the process by which the polar molecules of the heated bacon itself become the heating body without heat conduction. Microwave penetration from all around the inside and outside of the bacon at the same time, bacon in a very short time to achieve uniform heating sterilization, preserved meat microwave sterilization machine greatly shortened the drying sterilization time, so as to improve the yield.
2.Microwave machine operation is easy to control, advanced technology

Compared with the conventional method, the microwave sterilization machine for cured meat can be used instantly after open; No thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; Microwave power and transmission speed are adjustable. Microwave heating drying sterilization, no waste water, no waste gas, no waste residue, is a safe and harmless high and new technology.
3.Good sterilization effect

Practice has proved that the use of microwave sterilization machine sterilization generally at 75℃ can kill all the e. coli, at 80 ~ 90℃ the total number of bacteria greatly reduced, only takes 2 ~ 6 minutes. It can be heated and sterilized quickly and for a short time, so it can retain the nutrition and traditional flavor of preserved meat without being damaged in color.
4.It can extend the shelf life of food

The cured meat treated by microwave sterilizer can extend the shelf life for half a year, which has a significant effect on improving the quality of cured meat and prolonging the storage period.
5.Microwave + ultraviolet

Microwave sterilization equipment is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization system, which can further ensure the sterilization effect, more thorough sterilization.

Microwave sterilization equipment for preserved meat

Model and technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for the preserved meat

Type DL-001 DL-002 DL-003
Power 10KW 20KW 30KW
Equipment operating power Three-phase five-wire 380V
Microwave operating frequency 2450MH
Microwave power 20KW(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
Drying temperature 80-120度(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
Height of inlet and outlet 50mm(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
Transmission band width 750mm(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
Transmission rate 750mm(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
microwave leak National Standard ≤5mw/c㎡
Dimensions(length, width and height) About 12800*362*750mm(According to customer’s actual production requirements to customize)
Carried Standard Microwave leakage conforms to national GB10436-89 standard, Comply with national GB5226 electrical safety standard

Microwave sterilizing equipment

Comparison of preserved meat microwave sterilization equipment and traditional sterilization method for preserved meat

There are many traditional sterilization methods, such as ozone sterilizer, pasteurization, instantaneous sterilizer, etc, but these sterilization methods have many disadvantages. Externally contaminated cured meat will be contaminated by microorganisms in addition to its own raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as bacteria in water and air. Staff hands, equipment, containers, tools, turnover boxes and other secondary cross infection, packaging materials were contaminated and so on, sterilization is not thorough.

The use of microwave sterilization equipment bacon sterilization, not only will completely eliminate all kinds of bacteria, but also the production of bacon is very delicious and nutritious. But uses the bacon microwave sterilization equipment to sterilize.

Now the application of microwave technology is more and more widely, such as frozen chicken leg microwave defrost equipment, red dates microwave drying equipment, vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, etc. It is widely used in our daily life. With the help of bacon microwave sterilization equipment, our life will be better and better!