Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Vegetables

What people have to do every day is to eat, and to eat more vegetables, eating vegetables has a lot of benefits. It will not only make people fat but also conducive to health, so we naturally have vegetables on the table. Nowadays, people pay great attention to good health, so is there any way to make vegetable cleaner? Leader microwave equipment’s microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables can sterilize vegetables very well.


Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables:

1.Fast sterilization speed

Vegetable microwave sterilization machine directly interacts with sterilized vegetables with a high-frequency microwave. The permeability of microwave energy makes vegetables heated inside and outside at the same time, the internal moisture is rapidly vaporized by heat, and the powerful “pressure pad” of outward diffusion forces the internal moisture to spread rapidly outward, thus speeding up the sterilization speed.

2. The bactericidal efficiency is very high.

The traditional sterilization process takes several days or even dozens of days. Still, the use of vegetable microwave sterilizer can greatly shorten the sterilization time and reduce the time to a few minutes.

3. The quality of vegetables after sterilization is good

Unlike the traditional sterilization method, microwave sterilization machine will heat directly through the outside of vegetables in the process of heating, so that the inside and outside of vegetables can be heated at the same time. So that the quality of vegetables will not be destroyed, and the quality of vegetables after killing bacteria is very good.

4. Kill harmful insects at the same time

Microwave sterilizer can kill not only harmful bacteria in vegetables but also kill harmful insects in vegetables.

5. Energy-saving and high efficiency, saving land area

In the process of using, bactericidal microwave equipment will only consume a small amount of electricity. The volume of the equipment is not very large, so it can save energy and efficiency and save land area.

Microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables

Model and technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables:

Model DL-001 DL-002 DL-003
Total power 30KW 60KW 90KW
power input Three-phase five-wire  380V±10%;50Hz±1%
microwave frequencies 2450MHz±50Hz
Rated input apparent power. 40KVA
microwave output power 30KW(adjustable)
Microwave input current 6A/magnetron.
Microwave working current 0.25~0.3A/ magnetron
Appearance size (length × width × height) about 11690mm×840mm×1750mm
Conveyor belt width 620mm
Transmission mode and speed 0.5~5m/min frequency control
Bactericidal quantity 300kg/h

 schematic diagram

Principle of microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables:

Microwave sterilization is the result of the combination of thermal effect and the biological effect of the electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is to change proteins and cause bacteria to lose nutrition, reproduction, and survival conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of the cell membrane section and affects the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane, thus changing the cell membrane’s permeability. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, can not metabolize normally, the structure and function of cells are disordered, and the growth and development are suppressed and died.

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With people paying more and more attention to health, the demand for vegetables is also expanding, and the need for microwave sterilization equipment for natural vegetables is also growing. Now, microwave technology is more and more widely used, such as frozen chicken leg microwave thawing equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, frozen pork microwave thawing equipment, and so on.

The quality of the equipment produced by leader microwave equipment is excellent, so it has been sold to many countries, such as Canada, Russia, Japan, and India, and locals praise our equipment. If you also need a high-quality vegetable microwave sterilization equipment, I believe we will provide you with the best quality and cheap equipment!