Microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave sterilization is a mechanical technology that mainly used for the drying and sterilization of medicines, nutritional supplements, food products, agricultural products, beef jerky, instant noodles, fast food, rice noodles in powder, granules, flakes and other states, the roasting, puffing, sterilization, peeling of almonds, peanuts, red dates, walnuts, chestnut, and the anti-mildew, sterilization,fresh-preservation of pickles,pot-stewed fowl, all kinds of small meat package and so on.

The purpose of sterilization is to eliminate harmful substances, microbial pollution that food contaminated by external world in the process, such as bacterial pollution in water, two of bacteria pollution in the air, two cross-infection caused by employees hand, equipment, containers, tools, turnover boxes, packaging materials contaminated and so on.

microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave sterilization is a new type of sterilization equipment developed in recent decades. The traditional sterilization methods include water sterilization, air bacteria sterilization, pasteurization, ultraviolet lamp irradiation sterilization, etc.

1.Water sterilization: UV disinfection irradiate microorganism by ultraviolet at 260nm can cause chemical reactions within its molecules to kill it. This technology not only can be used to sterilize a variety of food containers but also can be used for the sterilization of meat, soft drinks, beer manufacturing water, vegetables, fish, shellfish and their products, as well as the sterilization of the thawing water of cooling water, frozen fish. However, water sterilization can not be sterilized for vacuum-packed, canned food.

2.Bacterial killing in the air: Food dynamic sterilizer is independent air purification and disinfection device. There is a cabinet type, wall hanging type, ceiling type, and other forms. A dynamic air disinfector with 2000 air volume can be opened in the room for 60 minutes, which can meet the disinfection requirements.

The disinfector is non-toxic and harmless and can be used continuously in human situations, effectively avoiding secondary contamination of food by bacteria in the air. But mechanical equipment covers a large area, which requires professional personnel to operate and consumes a large amount of labor.

3.Pasteurization: Pasteurization technology is mainly used for the sterilization of orange, apple juice food, since the pH value of juice food less than 4.5, no microbial growth. Sterilization objects are yeasts, molds, and lactic acid bacillus. Pasteurization is also used to sterilize jam, syrup, canned fruit, beer, pickled vegetables, canned pickles, and so on.

For sealed acidic foods, pasteurization has reliable acid resistance. For those low-acid foods that are not resistant to high-humidity treatment, as long as the eating habits are not affected, the pH can be reduced to the range of acidic foods by adding an acid or microbial fermentation. Low-temperature sterilization is used to maintain food quality and storage durability. This method takes a long time and is not suitable for heat-sensitive foods.

microwave sterilization equipment

4.UV light irradiation sterilization: this way has a strong bactericidal effect, simple to install, easy to use, and be widely used in the food industry. Due to harmful ultraviolet light, it can only be used in static (no human), and provide opportunities for secondary contamination of food for the bacteria during the actual production.

There is a shortcoming of ultraviolet light. The effective irradiation distance is 1.5 meters; most of the bacteria, viruses in the air only temporarily stunned (or less hidden in the external radiation from 0.6M). When it opened, not completely kill; when closed, the stunning bacteria, viruses will rebound after people, things moving, so that the number of airborne bacteria higher.

microwave sterilization equipment

By understanding the traditional sterilization techniques above, we know all of this has disadvantages. With the progress of social development, microwave sterilization equipment could better cater to the development of the food category. The thermal effects of Microwave on bacteria make the protein change, make the bacteria lose nutrition, reproduction, and survival conditions and death.

microwave sterilization equipment

So what are the advantages and characteristics of our microwave sterilization equipment?

(1) Energy savings: Conventional thermal sterilization often exists heat losses in environment and equipment, while the microwave directly acts on the food, thus no additional heat loss. In comparison, generally saving 30-50% electric energy.

(2) Even and thorough: Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the material surface, and then transferred to the inside by heat conduction. There is a difference in temperature. In order to maintain food flavor, reduce processing time, the food did not meet enough internal temperature, which affects the sterilization effect.

Microwave has a penetrating effect, When processing to food whole, surface and interior are affected at the same time, so disinfection sterilization is even and thorough.

(3)Easy to control: microwave food sterilization equipment has some characteristics, such as out-of-the-box, no thermal inertia of conventional thermal sterilization, convenient operation, the microwave power from zero to the rated power is continuously adjustable, transmission speed can adjust continuously from zero, easy to control.

(4)Simple equipment, advanced technology: Compared to conventional sterilization, microwave sterilization device does not need a boiler, complex piping systems, coal yard, and transportation vehicles, only water, electricity, and other basic conditions enough.

(5) It is a mixed system composed of a microwave generator respective fine power, the waveguide connector and the processing chamber, the food shelf life after processed up to 6 months.

microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave sterilization dryer machine with stainless steel plate, robust and sturdy, has strong thermal insulation properties; adopting tunnel structure, configuration PLC system, hot and cold air system, an infrared thermometer, implementing pipeline work. All of these greatly enhance the upstream and downstream connections of the production process and increase overall efficiency.

The leader microwave equipment company has decades of manufacturing experience. Solving the rationalization of sterilization methods does not damage the nutritional value, to ensure that food dietary fiber can be retained to an extreme after sterilization.

Choosing our microwave sterilization equipment is a wise decision. Whether in the equipment or the entire component configuration, we choose international and domestic well-known brands of accessories to ensure quality and safety from improving safety, rapidity, and environmental protection.