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  Leader Microwave Equipment’s microwave vulcanizing equipment is popular with investors because of its advantages.

1. Efficient

Our microwave vulcanizing equipment, microwave dry equipment, and other microwave heating equipment are equipped with the most advanced microwave technology, including some of our proprietary products. So the sulfidizing time is very short. And the lower error rate makes it more efficient.

2. Safety and environmental protection

Our machines work in fully sealed conditions without energy leaks or harmful gases generating, so there is no air pollution. For one thing, it can ensure the safety of workers. On the other hand, it is environmentally friendly.

3. Higher economic benefits

First of all, our microwave vulcanizing equipment is competitively priced. Plus, its smaller area covering can save you money. Besides, the machine is energy-saving. With higher efficiency and lower failure rates, your operating costs will be more reasonable.

4. The moderate price

As one of the most professional Microwave Vulcanizing Equipment manufacturers, Leader Microwave Equipment can promise our customers that we will use lower vulcanization costs to create better achievements. This can be shown in the following ways:

  • A. The microwave vulcanizing machine occupies a small area, saving site investment and reducing the waste of valuable land.
  • B. The fully automatic PLC control system reduces labor investment, which means the factory’s operation cost will be greatly reduced.
  • C. Our microwave vulcanizing equipment is all made of durable materials, which can extend the service life of the whole set of machines and save customers a lot of maintenance costs.
  • D. Our company will also provide the best after-sales service to ensure the normal operation of the machine, which can also help you save costs on the other hand.
  • E. Our microwave vulcanization is an environmentally friendly project and can receive more support from government funds and policies, which can reduce our customers’ investment.

  To meet different customer requirements, the leader microwave equipment company developed various styles of microwave vulcanizing equipment for sale.

150KW Microwave vulcanizing equipment
200KW Microwave vulcanizing equipment
250KW Microwave vulcanizing equipment
 Customized Microwave vulcanizing equipment

  Follows are specs for your reference. beyond that, our products can be customized if you need other sizes.

Model DL-100 DL-200 DL-400
capacity 5 T / H 10T / H 20T / H
power 150KW 200KW 250KW
Area covered 20㎡ 25㎡ 30㎡

Since 2000, the current microwave rubber vulcanization technology has become increasingly mature, equipment continues to improve, toward highly automated, saving energy and reducing environmental pollution direction, efforts to meet the increasing demand of customers. It has
great potential and the broad market.


AC Current 5×10^6 60 Hz Earth
AM Broadcasting ~ 100 560-1600 kHz Football Field
FM/TV ~2 30-300 MHz Man
Microwaves (2450 MHz) 0.001-1.0(4.8″) 300 MHz-300 GHz Flea to Cat
Visible Light ~ 5×10^-7 10^6 GHz The smallest object is seen with an optical microscope

The successful case has also led the Leader Microwave Equipment’s sales of microwave vulcanizing systems and microwave drying equipment to expand to the international market. We believe our machines will cover every corner of the world in a day. So if you’re interested in our related facilities, welcome to visit our Leader Microwave Equipment.