Pet food processing artifact: Pet Food Microwave Baking Curing Equipment

The fast pace of life has brought us a lot of emotional vacancies. When the mother is away, future lonely star lovers will have to fall in love with their pets. Pets are not nagging or jealous, they depend on and love people, but they must enjoy the highest standard of food feast.

Microwave roasting and curing equipment for pet food is a milestone in pet food processing. Microwave technology will bring the most delicious and healthy food to our little ones.

Microwave roasting and curing equipment

The advantages of microwave roasting and curing pet food equipment are as follows:

1. The pet food microwave baking and curing equipment have excellent sealing performance. Its leakage quantity is far lower than the national standard, the personal safety of the operator is guaranteed, and the working environment is clean and hygienic.

2. Pet food microwave baking equipment has a long service life, usually more than 6 years. This will save manufacturers a lot of money on equipment upgrades.

3. Pet food microwave curing equipment is even curing. The penetrability of microwave makes both the inside and outside of the material heat up simultaneously. The curing efficiency is high and even. The pet food cooked by microwave tastes better.

4. The pet food microwave roasting and curing machine is easy to operate. The equipment is fully automatic, controlled by the PLC control system, and various parameters are adjusted conveniently, saving manpower input.

Workers will no longer be required to have extensive experience and minimal labor.

5. Microwave roasting and curing equipment for pet food can reduce environmental pollution.

Microwave curing process without wastewater, waste gas, and other harmful substances emissions, industrial development will no longer threaten the blue sky and white clouds.

6. The curing period of pet food microwave baking curing equipment is short. Microwave curing speed is very fast, the material almost will not produce shape, composition, and other aspects of change, product quality is good. Pet nutrition is a comprehensive supplement.

7. Microwave roasting and curing machinery for pet food have the additional bactericidal function, which can effectively inhibit the survival and reproduction of microorganisms in pet food. The shelf life of pet food is longer, and pet food is healthier and reduces the pet disease rate.

Microwave roasting and curing equipment

Limitations of traditional baking and curing pet food equipment:

1. Traditional stoves, ovens, and other baking equipment have poor sealing, and the high temperature in the baking process will be transferred to the outside of the machine, which is easy to burn.

2. Low cost, low technology content of traditional equipment, has a short service life. Improper cleaning and maintenance during use may lead to lower production efficiency or even frequent failures, which is not conducive to the quality maintenance of pet food, unfavorable to manufacturer’s cost control.

3. In the traditional thermal baking process, curing is carried out by heat transfer from the outside to the inside. When the external surface of pet food particles is continuously heated and burnt, the innermost part may not meet the basic curing requirements. Uneven internal and external impact on the yield rate, affect the quality of pet food.

4. The traditional process requires more manpower to flip and increase the amount of physical labor of the staff, so the residue, particle integrity, and low quality can be easily destroyed. The process of heat transfer consumes a lot of unnecessary heat, and the energy efficiency is low, which is not conducive to the conservation and sustainable development of energy resources.

5. The heating method from the outside to the inside takes a long time to mature, and the continuous high temperature will easily destroy the nutrients in pet food.

6. After curing in the traditional curing furnace, the pet food needs extra sterilization equipment to sterilize and increase the production cost. If there is no follow-up sterilization process, the product does not meet the health standards, endangering the health of pets.

Microwave roasting and curing equipment

Working principle of baking and curing pet food equipment:


Traditional heating methods are based on the basic principles of heat conduction, convection, and radiation. The heat is transferred from the outside to the inside of the material to complete the heating process. There must be a temperature gradient in the material, so heating the material is not uniform.


The new technology of microwave heating and conventional heating method is different. The use of heated body internal dipole molecule high-frequency reciprocating motion, the formation of “internal friction heat and temperature rise, no other heat conduction process, can make the material with internal and external heating. Heating up at the same time, heat faster, and even a fraction of a traditional heating method of a small percentage of energy consumption, heating can be to achieve.

In a word, the pet food microwave baking and curing equipment have high production efficiency, good product quality, simple operation, safety and health, energy-saving and environmental protection, etc. It can save the site cost, labor cost, and equipment maintenance cost for investors.

Using leader microwave equipment company microwave equipment for production, such as microwave pet food puffing equipment, microwave dehydration equipment for fruits and vegetables, etc. It will help improve product quality, facilitate brand building, and form brand effect, which is of great significance for manufacturers’ long-term development.