Pickles Microwave Sterilization Equipment

With the arrival of summer, the temperature continues to rise, pickles, brined vegetables if not thoroughly sterilization treatment, it is easy to go moldy and metamorphous, pickles sterilization is a problem that many manufacturers meet present. Many manufacturers use pasteurization machines, but this method has many disadvantages, the sterilization effect is not good. How to solve this problem?

Spicy radish strip

Leader Microwave Equipment Company has studied and produced pickles microwave sterilization equipment after repeated experimental tests. It can be used for bag pickles, radishes, pig feet, chicken feet, silkworm pupae, pigskin, and other product sterilization. Microwave sterilization equipment can directly sterilize packaging products. Sterilizing thoroughly, fast, short time, advanced sterilization process, simple operation, can achieve automatic batch production.

Characteristics and advantages of pickles microwave sterilization equipment compared with pasteurization machine

1. Under the same sterilization temperature, pickles microwave sterilization machine required sterilization time is short, in the same sterilization conditions, the death of bacteria temperature is relatively low. It can simultaneously sterilize the whole material inside and outside, shorten the sterilization cycle, and ensure the sterilization process’s consistency.
2. Microwave sterilization equipment is small in size, occupies less space, easy to operate and maintain, no need of coal, gas and other fuels, no need of complex pipeline system, is suitable for most industries sterilization equipment.
3. Sterilization thoroughly, pickles microwave sterilization equipment is microwave penetration pickles, salted vegetables, and other materials, inside and outside the process of sterilization, will not appear leakage or uneven phenomenon.
4. The whole production process does not produce any pollutants, environmental protection, and energy-saving, belonging to the state advocated the use of energy-saving and environmental protection sterilization equipment.

5. The sterilization process of pickles microwave sterilization machinery does not need energy transfer. Microwave directly acts on pickles, salted vegetables, and other materials, making the material itself come into a heating body, producing sterilization reaction, compared to other ways of sterilization energy saving more than 30%.

Pickles microwave sterilization equipment

Technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for pickles

Operating voltage Three phases 380V±10% Transmission mode and speed Frequency conversion(0.5~5m/min)
Operational frequency 2450MHz±50Hz Equipment working environment 5~40℃ Relative humidity≤80%
Input supply ≤50KVA Control General control or PLC human-machine interface control
Microwave output power ≥35KW(Adjustable) Microwave leak Meet the national GB10436-89 standard

Leader Microwave Equipment Company pickles microwave sterilization equipment, beer microwave sterilization equipment, as well as a series of microwave drying equipment, microwave defrosting equipment, are using advanced technology research and development manufacturing, has a unique advantage, each is very popular, worth buying!

Principle of microwave sterilization equipment for pickles

The process of converting high-frequency electromagnetic waves into heat by direct interaction between microwaves and materials. Microwave sterilization is the result of the combined action of microwave thermal effect and biological effect. The potential distribution of microwaves on the bacterial membrane cross-section affects the electron and ion concentration around the cell membrane, thereby changing the permeability of the cell membrane. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, and their growth and development are hindered and die. Microwave sterilization is to use electromagnetic field effect and biological effect to kill microorganisms. The practice has proved that the microwave device has obvious advantages in sterilization temperature, sterilization time, product quality maintenance, product shelf life, and energy-saving.

schematic diagram

Pickles microwave sterilization equipment sterilization effect is excellent, thoroughly sterilized, food shelf life long, safe, and harmless, we eat also rest assured, do not have to worry about the quality of the problem. Trust it, choose it, taste healthy and delicious pickles!